Master electrician attentive to your needs

Master electrician attentive to your needs

Excellence from generation to generation

With years of inherited knowledge passed down from my father, I bring a legacy of quality craftsmanship and trusted service to every project. As a certified electrician, I guarantee safety and excellence in every installation and repair.
From installing complex wiring to troubleshooting intricate electrical issues, my commitment to quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail ensures that each task is completed with precision and efficiency.
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We offer comprehensive residential electrical services, from installation to repair, including upgrades and lighting design. With our expertise in energy efficiency and home automation, we ensure comfort, safety, and energy efficiency in every project.
We provide complete electrical solutions for the commercial sector, tailoring to the specific needs of each business. Our services range from installation and maintenance of electrical systems to implementing efficient and attractive lighting solutions.
From design to installation, maintenance, and modernization of industrial electrical systems, we focus on energy efficiency, reliability, and compliance with safety standards. We have the experience and expertise to successfully execute industrial projects of any size.
Our team specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems for farms, greenhouses, and other agricultural facilities, from optimizing lighting for crop growth to implementing control and automation systems.

Why choose Jasmin Renaud?

With over 25 years of experience as a master electrician, Jasmin Renaud has built a strong reputation for efficiency, quality of service, and qualification. Jasmin possesses valuable knowledge and experience that allow her to successfully complete commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural projects. The transfer of skills from one generation to the next has given rise to the second generation of electricians in the Renaud family, ensuring excellence in every project.

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